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A successful weight management programme requires three key components – DO YOU HAVE THEM ALL?

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Weight Loss is not all about Will Power.

Behaviour Change - AfN certified

Behaviour Change – AfN certified

1. Nutrition Education

2. Activity and/or Exercise Advice

3. Behaviour/lifestyle change

If ONE component is missing then the chances of achieving long-term, permanent weight-loss are very low.

Many trainers get points 1 and 2 in place, but how many assess behaviour change and whether a client is ready to change?

My research has highlighted that if a client is not in the correct stage of change they will ultimately not succeed in a weight-loss programme.

This one-day online workshop will teach you how to psychometrically test a client in order to assess their readiness to lose weight. By assessing a client before they enter your weight-loss programme you avoid inevitable failure. This means clients achieve their desired outcome and your reputation as a trainer is enhanced.

The behaviour change workshop is worth six (6) REPs CPD points and is certified by the Association for Nutrition (AfN)

During the behaviour change workshop you will also learn the key components that all weight loss programmes should include to maximise their chances of succeeding. Using the techniques taught in the behaviour change workshop my research weight-loss system achieved an 86% success rate both in the UK and New Zealand (NZ). This programme has since been adopted by the Manawatu Public Health region (NZ) for use in the community.

If you want to improve your weight-loss programmes success rate and enhance your reputation as a trainer sign-up for the behaviour change workshop by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Who should take the behaviour change workshop?

  • Personal trainers wanting to improve their weight-loss skills
  • Registered Nutritionist’s involved in delivering weight loss programmes
  • Dietitians running weight loss programmes
  • Practice nurses running weight-loss programmes in GP surgeries
  • Individuals interested in weight loss and where they are in the change cycle

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Online Delivery

The one-day workshop is delivered by Dr Gary Mendoza via interactive webinar. The day runs from 10:00 to 16:00 and is very interactive and practical with all content explained and demonstrated. Students complete and score psychometric tests through the day learning how to score and interpret each test. On completion of the workshop students will have a full array of psychometric tests at their disposal that will allow them to assess an individual’s behavioural readiness. They will also possess a toolbox of techniques they can apply to initiate change and run a successful weight-loss programme. All tests and techniques are based on evidence based research. The workbook that accompanies the workshop is also fully referenced.

The workshop costs £150 and only has ten student per course to allow for the required degree of interaction. To sign up for the workshop complete the form below.

The Final workshop will run on the 11th Feb 2017.

There will only be twelve students and the cost will be £120.

With limited places booking will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

To book a workshop contact Gary directlyvia Email or FB message.