Behaviour Change Workshop – Testimonials

Testimonials from former students:

I’ve just been on the behavioural change course run by Gary. Quick review: Go on any of his courses!

Long review: I think the cost was very good. There was 7 of us on the course so plenty of opportunity to ask questions, which were all answered. We had Gary for 6 hours and the amount of interaction was high. I’d stress this point. You don’t just sit and listen on this course, the interaction is a massive part which adds another level to the learning in my opinion. Gary does this very well. The course material was good, posted out with plenty of time before the course started. It’s nice to hold a booklet that you can flick back and fourth through whilst having slides on the screen and Gary explaining everything. Communication from Gary was good before, during and after, you always knew what was going to happen and when. If he said he’d do something, it would be done. The software he uses whilst on the course worked well. He used time efficiently. We’ve all been on those courses where the lecturer just basically reads the slides out to you. This ISNT one of those courses. He doesn’t just recite what is written, he explains, breaks things down, adds to. He has a really good teaching method that makes it very easy to follow. He’s not a monotone robot. You get real emotion from him. He has a wealth of knowledge and an ability to relay that knowledge to you. A couple of times I didn’t get something. Gary would say One more sentence and it all just fell into place. I think this course has genuinely added something to my PT business. My only issue is I went with the PN level 1 for nutrition instead of looking more closely at Gary’s applied nutrition course. Although this won’t be the only course of Gary’s I take. I shall be back at some point.

Karl Beacham – Freelance Personal Trainer

Dr Gary Mendoza’s Behaviour Change for Weight Management course is fantastic. Very interesting content that when combined with training and nutrition knowledge (see Gary’s Applied Nutrition & Supplementation course) allows you to create an all encompassing weight management programme. Learning to use and interpret a range of psychometric tests is an excellent tool to have at your disposal. The course is delivered online, which is convenient, but you still get to interact with Gary and the other students due to the software utilised. I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain more of an understanding of how to know when clients are ready to change and how to help them create sustainable changes.

Catherine O’Hare

I saw Dr Gary Mendoza speak at a REPs convention about four years ago and connected with what he was presenting and really enjoyed his delivery of the content.   I have wanted to do his Behaviour Change workshop since then. However I got busy, had a couple of kids and finally got to do this on the 1 October and it was well worth the wait. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am so excited to start using the psychometric tests with my clients. It was fantastic to develop myself as a personal trainer and life coach without even having to leave home.
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Sharon Mercieca – Life Coach

As an experienced personal trainer for 12 years, I started to recognise the limitations of my previous nutrition training which has become increasingly obsolete.  Having completed Gary’s 1 day workshop on behavioural modification and weight management course, I can say that the content provided lots of new and useful information that I can put into practice immediately. It was my first time doing a course via webinar and so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a very user friendly experience. We discussed a range of topics ranging from diet fads and common misconceptions about eating, psychometric testing and working as a nutrition advisor within the leisure industry, as well as different career paths, qualifications and accreditation’s.  I found Gary to be straight to the point yet friendly and accessible at the same time and very willing to answer any questions and queries regarding current clients.

I have now booked Gary’s Applied Nutrition and Supplementation course as I see it as the logical next step and the best course in nutrition currently available to Personal Trainers working with everyday clients. I would recommend any personal trainer, from beginner to advanced to commit to Gary’s courses.  The improved results you will get with your clients will help to build your reputation as well as increase retention.

Peter Azzopardi – Freelance Personal Trainer

I enrolled on this workshop due to the fact that I was struggling to make headway with my clients in terms of getting through them that two hours of activity in the gym would not be enough to offset their inactivity and poor eating/drinking habits for the rest of the week. I feel that the psychometric questionnaires and the progressive 12 week education & activity program are game changers and feel much more competent now in being able to coach a client from Point A to Point B and with the focus of accountability being on the client and their ability to fulfil our contract rather than the focus being on my training program (which still needs to be accountable too but not solely!). Dr Mendoza explains things in the no-nonsense, understandable fashion that only a practitioner with lengthy experience “in the trenches” can. I’d highly recommend this course to anybody wanting to work with body composition/weight management clients.

James Ryan – Freelance Personal Trainer

Excellent course! Gives an in depth break down of nutrition and the practical methods of applying this to a client or athlete. Can’t speak highly enough of the tuition or support throughout.

Christopher McDougall – Freelance Personal Trainer

Thanks to Gary Mendoza for a very informative behaviour change course today – well worth doing if you want to help those clients who are a bit of a struggle or have issues changing – great tools to use moving forwards – highly recommend to you guys x        Further to these comments Sarah has now used one of the techniques taught on the course, here is her feedback:

“Hey thought I’d just let you know following yesterday’s course and the client that texted I have used the pros cons task today – we had been texting a lot and lots if things came out – we spent today’s session talking and then we did that task which really clarified her position re weight loss and she thought it was amazing so can definitely see how worthwhile it can be. 
Will be a very useful tool on its own without anything else so all the tools together will be awesome and also made me realise I’m good at this.  Sarah Brookes – PT.

I attended Gary Mendoza’s Behavioural Change and Weight Management online course a couple of months ago. I view behavioural change as one of the most important aspects in my work in helping personal training clients. Gary was very organised and sent out course manuals and joining instructions well ahead of time. The training took a good part of the day and covered many aspects of behavioural change. Gary referred to his applied knowledge of behavioural change and weight management as his PHD research was in this area. This made the learning very real and beyond the ivory towers of academia. We did a batch of tests of on the course and then discussed the value of each one.

I held of writing a review of the course until I was using the materials in practice. I am now using the 4 main tests that we learned on the day. I had some technical issues with using the necessary software to enter and then to analyse the data and Gary helped me with this. I am now using the tools to assess if new clients are ready for change. I get them to complete the tests before consultation and then we discuss them in their consultation. I plan to reassess clients a few months down the line to see if there is any change.

I feel the course is very much worth the investment and would encourage any PTs with a thirst for knowledge and better ways of helping clients to attend.  Gary always teaches the content live to small groups (no pre recorded stuff here) so there is great opportunity for interaction. He is also a very efficient administrator and generally responds to emails within a few hours which I find is rare with most other courses I have attended. Shona MacPherson – Freelance Trainer

I would definitely recommend The Behaviour Change workshop to all health and fitness professionals. This program assists in applying new found solutions and identifying new ways to get clients even better results by bridging the gaps between fitness, nutrition and psychometrics.
Gary has had a big impact on myself and my career. His passion and knowledge for his discipline is amazing, his ability to teach, mentor and devise courses makes him a person I have so much respect and admiration for.  Neil Hywel Jones – PT

I am new to the nutrition and coaching industry and keen to learn as much possible. I became aware of Gary’s work when he presented a guest talk on another course I was completing. This talk was extremely informative and due to this a selection of us approached Gary to run a behaviour change workshop for us in order to learn more on this topic to help with working with our clients. We all agreed that this was the most important factor to understand in order to get results from our clients. The day was really enjoyable and I am extremely pleased I took this course not only to help with my own self awareness but also to assist with clients once I start to work with them. Gary has a great way of presenting in an easy to understand way. I would highly recommend working with Gary Thanks – Louise Bean – PT

The behaviour workshop has given me a much deeper understanding of the barriers clients come across when it comes to weight loss and most importantly how to help them through. It brings together the training, nutrition and mindset to make sure that your clients will lose weight and, more importantly, how to keep it off long term. Gary does this in a simple to follow, results proven programme which has made it very easy to implement into my current systems. Jack Jones – PT

A trainer may have the utmost knowledge required to give a client all the healthy lifestyle changes they need but without understanding why a client may reject those changes, failure may be inevitable. This course gives trainers the skills to identify an individuals potential barriers to a better lifestyle and provide strategies to overcome them as well as setting goals based on an their personal motivations and readiness for change.
Christopher McDougall – PT

Important, relevant workshop, an essential aspect for trainers looking for more than just quick fixes with their clients. Gary presents the course in a clear and most importantly relevant manner. Highly recommend.

Douglas Jay – The Ice Cream Ninja

Great time on @Drgarymend Behaviour Workshop, recommend it to anyone wanting to further their knowledge.            Jack Jones PT via Twitter.