Applied Nutrition & Supplementation course Testimonials

Here is what previous students thought about the Applied Nutrition and Supplementation course:

I decided to complete my qualification with Dr Gary Mendoza at The Nutrition Academy because I was aware that they were the only company providing really high, evidence based, nutritional qualifications which are regulated by the AfN (Association for Nutrition). I was blown away by the level of their Applied Nutrition course, being someone who thought they knew something about nutrition having taught personal training and basic nutrition to personal trainers, I quickly found that I didn’t know as much as I thought.

The underpinning biochemistry you learn is absolutely essential in understanding nutrition. When I first received that manual I was, at first, slightly overwhelmed, but as soon as the lectures began it started to make sense. Gary has a excellent method of simplifying a very complex subject into manageable chunks which build upon each other in a consecutive manner becoming clearer as you progress through the qualification.

The most rewarding aspects of the course I found were learning how to read and understand research papers so I can now write blogs and articles which I am able to support with strong evidence. The other aspect that I found very useful was learning how and why some supplements work, which is where the understanding of fundamental biochemistry is so important. Nutrition is made up of pathways and cycles in which chemicals and enzymes interact, when you learn to understand these pathways and cycles you can then discern whether a supplement may or may not work, this way you can make an educated approach to supplementation with your clients and personally.

Finally, both Gary and Rich have been very supportive, I continue to learn from them regularly through social media, they have supported my business, and Gary has even helped me to determine what I do with my continued professional development.

Nathaniel Brown – Freelance Personal Trainer –

This course is a must for PT’s that want to further their education on nutrition. This is a very well structured course that covers many aspects of nutrition. I am very hard to please when it comes to education on nutrition, but Gary has genuinely impressed me with his knowledge and commitment to being evidence based. Gary breaks down complex information well so that it is easily understandable. Highly recommend this course to other exercise professionals.

Patrick Ward-Ongley – Freelance Personal Trainer

I have attended many workshops and courses around nutrition but this is the first of its kind. Not only does it give you some amazing tools to implement with clients but the whole syllabus is evidence based with an abundance of references to accompany it. So many courses will pitch their own views and wild claims on nutrition but if you really want to learn what the science really tells us then then this is the only course for you.”

Joshua Silverman – Freelance Personal Trainer

The Applied Nutrition and Supplementation course helped me to develop my knowledge of the principles underpinning nutrition in an in-depth and very useful manner. The distance learning module was well paced and the opportunity for tutor contact during that time was exemplary.

Tony Gillespie – Live Active Officer NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Having a decent grounding in nutrition I wanted to take this to the next level, and the Applied Nutrition and Supplementation course was the perfect route to take. Gary provides advanced knowledge in a structure that makes it clear easy to understand, and after completing the course I now feel far more confident writing nutritional programmes for my clients. As well as this I now have the confidence to work with performance athletes from a range of sports, with this information also being covered in depth towards the later stages.
Another positive for me was how all information provided was backed up with sound scientific evidence, and wasn’t just hearsay or guess work.
Highly recommended.

Mark Hallam – Freelance Personal Trainer

If you want to know the truth about sports nutrition backed by science, and not backed by supplement companies trying to push products I would highly recommend this course. The online webinar software makes learning really easy and Gary’s no nonsense approach is great.

James Long – Physical Education Teacher & IV’s Group Tutor

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to increase their nutritional knowledge whether for personal benefit or professional use.  I really enjoyed the course and the way it was presented.  Everyone learns in different ways and the online webinars were complimented by a manual, videos and online interactive modules, so whatever way you learn best its available for you.  I have learned so much on this course and I have the resources to  refer back to when I need them.  I also have the knowledge of where to go to learn more.  Gary has a wealth of knowledge to share and is helpful, supportive and approachable too.  I look forward to reading Gary’s work and learning from him again in the future if possible.
Many thanks for a great course, Kind Regards,

Fiona Carr
I cannot recommend this course enough. It covers all aspects required to be able to appropriately asses, plan and implement performance nutrition for any client. It gives you the background and confidence to apply evidence based strategies for both nutrition and supplementation. Not only will you gain knowledge to improve your own health and performance you will easily be able to pass this on to your clients.
Scott Wilson – Freelance Personal Trainer

I have just started my journey in Nutrition and I had the pleasure to be a student of Dr Gary Mendoza, who is an excellent tutor with extensive knowledge in the field. I would highly recommend The Applied Nutrition & Supplementation course to anyone, whether it be expanding your knowledge & qualifications in this field or if you are just starting a career in Nutrition.  I was blown away by the amount of content in this course and how much I have learnt during the 9 weeks. The course is well structured with evidence based material that covers many aspects of Nutrition. I would like to thank Gary for giving me the knowledge to start my new career path in Nutrition and I am very much looking forward to taking part in the Behavior Change Workshop.

Arna Crawford – Personal Assistant (future Performance Nutritionist) 

I found out about the course through Fitness Training Scotland and decided to commit as I knew I wanted to learn more about nutrition. As a PT, I’d been asked many times to draw up “diet” plans for clients and almost felt guilty and embarassed that I didn’t offer this service, when other PT’s did. However, after having completed Dr Mendoza’s course, I have come to realise that it’s far more effective to educate clients on their eating habits and I am now much more confident about delivering “evidence-based” information that will help them to get the best from their health and fitness programme. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge in the field (sometimes minefield) of Nutrition and Supplementation. The topics covered on the course, webinars and assessments have all been an excellent investment of time and finance for me and Dr Mendoza communicates with clarity and authority throughout. Thanks Gary!

Lee Morrison – Freelance Personal Trainer

I wanted to build on my nutritional knowledge to improve my service to my clients and I was recommended Gary’s course from a fellow personal trainer. The course went into detail and Gary had time for everyone if any of us were lost or needed more info/help on the days topics during each webinar. I would recommend this course not only because it’s a research based course, but also Gary made complex subjects understandable and easy to absorbed on the webinars. There is also a lot of videos and pdf books which come along with the course which will cost you pretty much the price of the course alone. Highly recommended!

Paul Clutterbuck – Freelance Personal Trainer

This course gives you a balance of well researched Nutritional information, coupled with information on how to put this into practice. Gary has a way of making you understand things you never thought you could.  His lectures are interesting and he is extremely good at putting folk at ease, so questions and conversations flow easily.  Alongside this, you get the systems to put into practice.  I have left this course totally clear about how to collate information and advise on sports nutrition, from start to finish. This is the second course I’ve done with Gary, I find him extremely supportive, he goes out of his way to help and advise all those he teaches.

Sam Crowe – Freelance Personal Trainer

I joined this course looking to fill what I thought were some gaps in my knowledge about sports nutrition. What I ended up getting was a far more comprehensive education on nutrition than I ever could have imagined. This course goes above and beyond, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who hopes to work with anyone from the average fat loss client to professional athletes.

Sean Cosgrove – Freelance Personal Trainer

Having just became a qualified PT I wanted to continue with expanding my qualifications and knowledge more into the nutrition side so that I could then apply this to future clients and give them nutritional information needed to achieve their goals and give them the best lifestyle. Gary’s course was exactly what I needed, the course was excellent, it was very well run and allowed me to learn everything I needed from my own home, along with the continuous support from Gary on anything you needed. I would definitely recommend Garry’s applied nutrition and supplementation course to anyone who is looking to offer nutrition advice.

Murray Gracie – Personal Trainer

I have just completed the applied nutrition and supplementation course. Over the last 10 years I have studied countless nutrition courses and been sceptical about pretty much all of them. Gary’s evidence based course has been a fantastic learning experience and stands head and shoulders above all other courses. What I have learned I can apply to my clients and know that it is sound nutritional advice.

Douglas Jay  – Rehab professional – The ice cream ninja

I have just completed the Applied Nutrition and Supplementation course and would highly recommend it to PTs who want to increase their knowledge base in this area. I was impressed that each week Gary runs a live webinar with students – in my group there were four of us so plenty of chance to ask questions about anything I didn’t understand. The aspect of the course I found most useful was applying the learning in case studies for my own clients and sharing this and gaining feedback. Gary is also very efficient and gets back to questions very quickly.

Shona Macpherson – Freelance Personal Trainer

Being a newly qualified PT I wanted to make sure I was giving my future clients the best possible package on the road to a better lifestyle, so I signed up to Gary’s Nutrition Academy and completed both the Applied Nutrition Course and the Behaviour analysis course. I found both of them extremely interesting, and Gary’s style of teaching  helps you grasp the subject matter in such an easily  structured format, that most PTs or even anyone interested in Nutrition can understand….Highly recommended and cost effective.

Jeff Bradford – Freelance Personal Trainer and business owner

Gary’s course is very well run and comes with a great selection of materials to help you.  As a Personal Trainer it is so important for me to be up to date and well versed in the areas of nutrition and supplementation so I can offer the best advice possible to my clients. Gary doesn’t BS you, he gives you backed up evidence based information. This is what attracted me to the course and I am glad I signed up.  I have a years subscription to all the online materials that Gary provides so I can continue to work through that and further my knowledge.  I would recommend anyone who is a PT offering advice to clients in nutrition and supplementation to sign up.  Don¹t get fooled by all the BS out there – get educated and get qualified.

Barry Stephen – Barry Stephen Personal Training

I would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who wants to take their nutritional knowledge to the next level. The lectures and course materials were excellent, and the delivery, via webinars and home study, enabled me to fit the course into my busy work schedule.  Dr Gary Mendoza provided fantastic support throughout the programme, with very quick responses to any questions or queries.

Kim Wells – Partner, Absorb Fitness Instructor Training and Freelance Fitness Instructor

I first listened to an interview with Gary and he talked a lot of sense in an industry which can be at times quite confusing and misleading. He discussed the fact that statistically, people who work in fitness aren’t representative of the norm. The advice we often give is aimed at people who only think like us. Until we realise that the majority of people don’t, we’ll not reach many people. Therefore, when the opportunity arrived to work with Gary, I knew it would only benefit my education and my business. Everything is evidence based and there are lots of references you can plough through in your own time. In fact, Gary cited more references in his manual than the combination of all my nutritional courses I’ve ever taken. Gary’s course will definitely help you to have a more research based, professional and balanced approach to your business/advice.

Chris Laing – Freelance Personal Trainer

I have had the pleasure of being educated by Gary twice and both occasions exceeded my expectations. Recently I attended the online nutrition and supplementation course tutored by Gary . The content and depth of the course itself was mind blowing , yet the manual was written in such a way that explained it very well and made it easy to understand! The course itself was put together spectacularly , it was fun and very enjoyable and every lesson was planned out with each section naturally flowing into the other. I loved the fact that the course used a variety of study methods ( manual , e-learning and videos) . The information in the course itself was carefully put together and everything was referenced so I know that it is very reliable and useful.

Overall I gained extensive , reliable knowledge on nutrition throughout the course and if at any point in the future there is another course with Gary that will increase my knowledge then I will DEFINITELY be attending !!

Kieran Chapman – Freelance Personal Trainer 

Excellent course, very thorough, evidence based material but taught in such a way to make it accessible. Course delivery is also great, the software allows you to ‘see’ and interact with Gary and fellow students. Easy to follow lesson plans, support from Gary as needed and lectures are informative and easily understood. This course has given me a better understanding of what the ideal diet for a range of clients should be, and removed a lot of the confusion around supplementation. I’d definitely recommend studying this course with Gary.

Catherine O’Hare