Applied Nutrition and Supplementation

Why should you study applied nutrition and supplementation?

The Applied Nutrition and Supplementation is now an AfN Certified Course (one of only a few available for the leisure industry).

The AfN assessors specifically noted that the robust assessments make the standard of this course particularly good and the Quality Assurance System for the course was commended. This means the course content has now been externally inspected and that all content is based on peer reviewed scientific evidence.

This Course is now accepted as a foundation course for the ISSN Diploma in Sports Nutrition: 

Laurent Bannock (ISSN, guruperformance) 

“Very pleased to have your course as one of the few ‘access courses’ we will consider for eligibility onto the post graduate ISSN Diploma program. Quality up-to-date sports nutrition education that has a strong evidence base is rare these days.”

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Fully assess a client’s activity levels
  • Provide an in-depth analysis of dietary intake using software provided as part of the course.
  • Provide your client with a comprehensive nutrition and activity report relevant to weight management and/or sports performance.
  • Work as a nutrition consultant with client’s to provide evidence based dietary advice (not prescriptive diet). The advice can be designed for either a weight loss programme or a sports performance programme.
  • Run the LEAN Man System as your weight management programme, including the E-learning package.
  • Offer, clear, evidence based advice on the use of supplements
  • Obtain insurance to work as a nutrition consultant.

The points highlighted in red give you the opportunity to generate a second income stream working as a nutritional consultant as these would be offered as complimentary to any other training you are offering.

About the online nutritionist course:

  • As part of the course you will be given one years access to the Nutrition Academy e-learning portal and its content.
  • Forum for questions and discussions during the week.
  • A weekly two hour webinar  – 18 hours taught
  • Two short videos to watch per week – approximately 8 hours viewing
  • Homework all leading to completing the course – set weekly tasks
  • Comprehensive, evidence based, course manual with over 700 peer reviewed references.
  • Downloadable forms and articles to use on a day to day basis
  • Access to the LEAN Man System E-learning and weight management system to use with clients
  • On successful completion of the course you can be insured so you can practice as a nutritional consultant. You can obtain insurance with Financial Fitness Ltd (

Course costs:

A deposit £165

Two further monthly payments of £165 (Total cost – £495)


                                     One off Payment of £450

If you have paid for the AfN registration on the foundation course you can claim £15 off these prices

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The ‘Applied Nutrition and Supplementation’ (ANS) course written by Dr. Mendoza is designed to improve the nutritional knowledge of personal trainers and athletes. This will allow trainers to add a nutritionist role to their business. A recent case in the USA has seen a personal trainer sued for advising his client to take a supplement that ultimately led to the client’s death; how long before this happens in the UK? The ANS course is designed to meet a need in the leisure industry for better nutritional education. This education should be based on peer reviewed, scientific evidence. The course manual is comprehensive and contains over 700 peer reviewed references. The course gives trainers and athletes a sound nutritional grounding, including the basic biochemistry and physiology associated with energy metabolism. Manipulation of the macro and micro nutrients is also considered and how to optimise these to increase performance and energy levels. You will learn how to use nutritional software (provided on the course) to analyse an individual’s diet and activity levels. Based on this analyses you will then be shown how to design the ideal diet to enhance sporting performance. This section also considers making weight for sport. There has been a proliferation of supplement usage in the leisure industry, with personal trainers often being the main source of information as to their efficacy and safety. Athletes regularly use supplements in an attempt to enhance performance or perhaps avoid illness. The ANS course considers all the main supplements that are available and presents the latest research evidence, allowing trainers, athletes and nutritionists a more informed and accurate understanding of how and when to use supplementation. Also what is effective and what is just marketing hype.

A new addition to the course is access to the LEAN Man System. You will receive a complete set of lesson plans for the 12 week programme. Should you wish to you can also purchase the E-learning modules to sell to clients as part of your weight management programming. During the course you will work through these modules so as you fully understand what nutritional education your client is receiving. The LEAN Man System is an evidence based system with an 86% success rate so you can be confident when working in a nutritionist role that you are offering clients their best chance of losing weight.

Dr. Gary Mendoza teaches all applied nutrition and supplementation courses so you are guaranteed a tutor who is suitably qualified and an expert in his field with both practical and academic skills. For further details about the applied nutrition and supplementation course, contact Gary via the form at the foot of this page.

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